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Become a Worker Course

Job Placement Ltd is a vibrant organisation set up to assist people with barriers to employment or a disability. We can help you to find, get and keep a job of your interest and ability and help you stay in that job. Upon acceptance to Job Placement Ltd you will be assigned a personal employment consultant to help you chart your way through the murky waters of unemployment all the way from job interview techniques and presentation through to stable long term employment. This service is free to all who qualify and is funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

Are you planning to look for work? Do you need to learn the skills that will make you a good worker? 'Become a worker' can help you with:

> Presentation skills
> Interview skills
> Improved confidence and self-esteem
> Team skills
> WPHS skills
> Conflict resolution skills
> Understanding what the boss will expect from you
> Knowing what to expect from yourself to be a successful worker!

'Employability skills: Become a Worker' is nationally accredited. This means you will receive a CERTIFICATE I or if you finish one or more module(s) you will recieve a statement of Anainment for each module. These qualifications can help you to gain employment or move on to further training. This course is registered on the Centrelink Course Approval Data Base and participants may now qualify for the Pensioners Education Supplement (P.E.S). Job Placement's identification number for centrelink purpose is: 2P509


Certificate I in Employability Skills: Become a Worker


CORE Modules [170 Hours (nominal)]
ES01 The Team and You
ES02 Vocatinal Awareness
ES03 Personal Presentation and Development
ES04 Preparing to Work
ES05 Finding that Job
ES06 Work Ethics: Worker's Rights and Responsibilities
ES07 Occupational Health and Safety
ES08 Workplace communication and Personal Effectiveness
ES09 Managing as Worker
ES14 Interview Techniques
When Courses run at least twice a year subject to numbers
Time 9:00 am - 3:00 pm One day a week
(May change according to need)
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