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School Project

One of the important features of the school is that all students are given a nutritious meal each lunch time to give them every chance to retain the information they are receiving. The cost of feeding the children is as great as the teachers’ salaries however we believe this is a good investment. It is also a motivation to attend school as many of the children may only receive one other meal for the day. The school commenced with around 100 students in part of a rented house. As the enrolment increased to over 150 it was obvious that we had outgrown this accommodation and we agreed to purchase some land close to our present location and have a purpose built school constructed. The school was opened in February 2008. There are currently 170 children enrolled at the school. In addition to the school we have 32 children enrolled at our pre-school which is located approximately 1 kilometre away. We also provide lunch for the pre-schoolers as well as a school uniform.

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Managing Director
Job Placement Ltd
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