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Micro Credit Program

The Norshingdi region has little manufacturing industry and few opportunities for employment so it soon became obvious that once a student completed their school studies they had limited opportunities to enter the workforce in the traditional way. Most people are day labourers or farmers and earn around 100 to 150 taka ($1.40 - $2.00 AU) per day. To assist the families we commenced a zero interest micro-credit project targeted specifically to the Mothers and young adults with disability. After much research we agreed to purchase cattle with the option of the recipients either milking cows and selling the excess milk at the market or purchase an ox and sell it at a later date during a local festival. It was agreed that no repayments would be required for the first six months to allow the family to get into a routine and use 100% of the money earned to assist the family. After the initial repayment the loan was to be paid off over three years. To date there have been no defaults on the loans and, as money is repaid, more families are able to access the project. There are currently over 100 families involved in two rural regions. As an example of the success of the project we have seen total income for a family has increase from 1800 – 2500 taka per month rise to 8000 – 9000 taka per month. They also have 50,000 to 80,000 taka in equity.

Contact Information:
Jason McKey
Managing Director
Job Placement Ltd
Mob: 0419 797 674