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Job Placement Ltd and Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation Overview

In 2000 the Managing Director of Job Placement Ltd was attending a meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UNESCAP) as a representative of National Disability Services. At that meeting the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF) was requesting assistance to fund an inclusive school in Norshingdi, a rural region of Bangladesh. The funding would cover the rent of a building, teachers salaries, school books etc as well as lunch for all students. She was unsuccessful in her request as the funds had already been allocated. As the amount requested was $5,000US. Job Placement Ltd agreed to sponsor the school for one year with no guarantee of an ongoing commitment. In 2002 the Managing Director visited the school and was so impressed with the organisation that an undertaking was given that Job Placement Ltd would continue its involvement. Staff of Job Placement Ltd has set up a donation program and the Company matches their donations. One other Disability Employment Service contributes to the project however there is no formal Government funding.

Inclusive Employment
In November 2010 we hosted Dr Shamim Ferdous, Executive Director of BPF for 10 days for her to learn the processes Job Placement uses to assist people with disability into employment in the open labour market. She was very impressed with our operation and has adapted our procedures to fit the cultural and labour market demographics of her country. Job Placement has underwritten the costs of the project for the first 12 months at a cost of $5,000AU. To date two people have found employment in business in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. One young man is working in a computer monitor repair shop undertaking a six month traineeship and has been offered full time employment at the end of June. The other placement is a young man who has been offered a position as an administration assistant at Desh TV, the third most popular television station in Dhaka. The employers have agreed to employ more candidates over the next 12 months.

Education Program
Research by BPF has found a disturbing amount of sexual abuse against young people with disability. Most of the abuse is from relatives and close friends in the community. Job Placement Ltd has agreed, in principle, to fund a community based education program to reduce such abuse in two regions of Bangladesh. We are currently awaiting a work plan to map out the steps required to commence what is expected to be an ongoing program that can be rolled out across the country. In summary, Job Placement Ltd has been involved in assisting people with disability in Bangladesh for over 11 years, funding projects as diverse as pre-schools and an inclusive school, construction of a school, self employment projects, inclusive employment in metropolitan Dhaka and, soon, community based education program to reduce the incidences of sexual abuse in young people with a disability. All this has been possible through weekly donations by staff of Job Placement Ltd with matching donations by the organisation.

Contact Information:
Jason McKey
Managing Director
Job Placement Ltd
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