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Job Seeker Services

Our service to you
Pre Employment Activities:
> We can assist you with job interviews. > We promote you to the employer.
> We can show you how to get to work by train or bus. > We work out a plan that will help you get the right job.
> Discuss jobs you are good at and the jobs you would like to do.
Are you in your final year of school?
We offer the Certificate 1 in Employability Skills: Becoming a Worker. The nationally accredited course is designed to assist with the transition from school to Open Employment.
Try our Job Search Workshop to help you with:
> Canvassing letters > Resume development
> Interview techniques > Telephone manner coaching
> Personal presentation development > Travel Training
> Applying for jobs > General job search guidance
> Internet navigation
On Site Assistance
> We will be by your side in the work place. > We will train you to do the job well.
> We will support you to become a productive and independent worker. > We will help you get to know other people you will be working with.