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The Decision to employ a person who has a disability can be a big step, but there are sound reasons for it. Research has demonstrated that employees with a disability can, and do, meet productivity levels and require no more supervision than other employees. In addition to this, employers are rewarded with a loyal staff member who records a low level of absenteeism.

Safety in the workplace is obviously a consideration. When you are contemplating employing a person with a disability, an Employment Consultant from Job Placement Ltd can visit your organisation to discuss these issues and answer any questions you may have. Research has shown that employees with a disability have high safety records.

The Satisfaction of employing a person with a disability has many facets

> Employ a person who has the skills and ability to do the job, or who displays the potential to do such
> To see the job completed by loyal, skilled workers
> Harness a valuable resource
> The opportunity for an individual to achieve financial independence and increase their self esteem
> Substantiate equal employment opportunities
> Benefit the community by reducing the reliance on Government pensions
> People with a disability are willing to take up any challenge... If you are willing to offer one. People with a disability don't want charity - they want a fair go to compete in the open labour market

A specialised employment service like Job Placement Ltd can easily assist your company when you recruit a person with a disability.

What do we do?

WE KNOW OUR JOB SEEKERS skills, abilities and attitudes before we introduce them to you and your workplace.

> Information session determines we are the correct service for the job seeker
> Initial interview with client services manager. To gather information and assess the clients support requirements
> During the initial interview process we assess the clients support needs in the workplace and to match with a suitable Consultant that will work well together
> Getting to know you - client meeting with their employment consultant also looking at outside factors that may affect their employment opportunities. Forming a bond between client and consultant
> Employment plan and goal setting
> 1 on 1 Resume planning and development and assistance with job searching
> Periodical contact with jobseekers significant others
> Ongoing assessment to determine service requirements

How do we do this

We focus on matching the job-seeker's abilities to your business requirements. When we have found an appropriate applicant for you, we support you and the worker to achieve the productivity rates you expect for that position.

> Firstly we conduct a job analysis and match the most suitable client we have on to that position
> This intensive training is offered FREE of charge.
> Our on the job training saves you and your staff productive time.
> We continue this training until you are satisfied with your new employee?s performance.
> Support for you and your new employee continues once this initial training is over
> We can also re-enter the workplace at your request to assist in additional training as your employee advances to extra duties